A meeting in association with Pune Municipal Corporation commissioner and mayor was organized to sensitize the PMC employees as well as general public and to discuss issues related to groundwater in the presence of policy makers and administrators. The meeting focused on mass movement of rainwater harvesting, preserving natural recharge zones, making concrete roads permeable, conserving dug wells and instituting public recharge systems by injection method.

The large corporate world of Pune is always involved in all socially responsible movements. CII (Confederation of Indian Industries) in association with Bhujal Abhiyan organized a meeting with all representatives of industries in Pune for sensitizing the corporate employees. The workshop created the right impetus in corporate representatives who were introduced to the world of groundwater and its connection with human civilization.

A stakeholders meeting was organized in association with ACWADAM at “Yashada”, at Pune where stakeholders as well as NGO’s were invited to discuss aquifers of Pune and the groundwater issue including policy and governance. The well attended workshop was a good step in bringing all volunteers, NGO’s, authorities and experts on the same platform and evolving a solution at multiple levels.

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