Ravindra Sinha

Ravindra is a well-known civic activist associated with various Resident Welfare Associations (RWAs) of Baner, Pashan, Aundh, Hinjawadi areas of Pune. He is also the Joint Convener of the proposed Pune District Federation of RWAs. His basic passion is planting of trees and conservation of nature. His close association with VasundharaSwachhata Abhiyan, an NGO engaged in preservation of biodiversity parks of Pune city, is remarkable. Ravindra has been actively involved in water conservation projects and is member of the RamnadiSwachata Abhiyan Samitee whose objective is to rejuvenate and clean the 18 km stretch of Ramnadiriver flowing from Bhukum to Baner.

Ravindra has been a main force in bringing about a positive change in water availability of Baner Pashan Link Road area through elevating groundwater levels. Because of his efforts mainly, the area became the model for the first Community Groundwater recharging, where more than 80 % of the complexes in the area implemented rainwater harvesting structures, thereby recharging groundwater reserves of the area. By profession, he is an entrepreneur and owner of a consultancy firm working in IT zone. He has acquired postgraduate qualifications in management from Symbiosis institute of Pune. He is the co-founder and a leading worker of Mission Groundwater.

Dr. Vishram Rajhans

Vishram is a retired management professional and an academic faculty in management institutions. He is the co-founder of Mission Groundwater. While working for Resident Welfare Association of Pashan area, he started working for water scarcity in the area. While studying the problem, he realized that the macro solutions of storing water in dams and then re-distributing through pipes is not useful for the growing population. The borewells run dry on one side, and on the other side, many parts of Pune city get flooded during monsoon. All the excess rainwater flows away through storm water drainage and concrete roads and buildings prevent recharging of groundwater. The residents had to depend on water supply through tankers.

Next year, with help from citizens of the area, a large number of rainwater harvesting structures were created. Special recharging borewells were also dug. The water from Rooftop, surface as well running water from nearby hill was directed to groundwater through scientific filters under guidance of GSDA (Groundwater Survey and Development Agency, a state owned organization). The groundwater levels started rising effectively during the next Monsoon and finally dependence on tankers reduced to a minimum. This led to foundation of Mission Groundwater to replicate the success story in other parts of Pune city.

Currently Vishram, being a medical graduate before switching over to corporate management job, also provides medical service to nearby needy patients as and when called for.

Dr. Himanshu Kulkarni

Dr. Himanshu has been the mentor for Mission Groundwater. He is an international scholar in Hydrogeology and an acclaimed expert in his field. He is the executive director of an NGO, ACWADAM. His guidance, expert advice and an active role in people contact sessions has been pivotal in the growth of Mission Groundwater. Despite of his extremely busy schedule, he does carve out time for the mission. He shares his knowledge and expertise with people unreservedly. He is the backbone of the movement.

He has done his PhD from Pune University. He is also a Fullbright and UNESCO scholar. He guides many students for their PhD as well as MSc. He has published more than 100 research papers in national and international research journals.

Shashank Deshpande

Shashank is MTech in hydrology from IIH, Roorki. He served in GSDA as senior geologist for a long time and recently retired voluntarily. Now he is devoting considerable time in the activities of Mission Groundwater. Academically he has published many papers in research journals and written many books as well. His role in many government initiatives like JalyuktShivar is well recognized.

Like Himanshu, he also plays the role of mentor and guide for the mission. He plays the role of main speaker in all people contact programs of the mission. He is the pillar of the mission. His ground guidance has helped people to solve their water issues.

Ms. Vaishali Patkar

Ms. Vaishali is an activist of repute in Aundh area. Her basic interests are Resident Welfare work, nature conservation, save tree movement, save rivers movement, mission groundwater amongst many. She is qualified HR management and owned a HR consultancy firm earlier.

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