The seeds of mission groundwater were sowed in the meeting of Pune residents with then Deputy Director of GSDA MrKhandale. He explained how groundwater becomes the water bank of nature and how it is important to preserve the groundwater levels. He also stressed the vital need of taking the message to all citizens of the country. He stressed that a mass movement is necessary to maintain groundwater levels.


The mission began and the volunteers started to visit each and every society around to convince how citizen initiative is necessary in preserving groundwater. The citizens were already aware of dwindling groundwater source because of rampant extraction. The certificates of appreciation were handed over in public ceremony to office bearers of about 50 societies.

Viman Nagar

The thirsty part of Pune city near airport needed something to quench the thirst of people there. An awareness program arranged by Bhujal Abhiyan convinced people to go for rain harvesting on massive scale after doing the aquifer study.


Bhujal Abhiyan in association with PMC arranged awareness program for residents of Aundh, Pune. This was the program where authorities and NGO worked together hand in hand. The ward officers were extremely cooperative in the spread of the message.

Pimpri Chinchwad

The message of rainwater harvesting had to reach the twin city. The awareness program was arranged again in co-operation of Pimpri Chinchwad Municipal Corporation. The packed hall indicated dire need for managing water sources against future demands. The question answer session also revealed the eagerness of citizens to contribute in the public cause.


The population in the far located suburb of Wagholi has shown a sudden rise in recent past, thus creating a pull on water resources. The need to be self-dependent on water was noticeable. Bhujal Abhiyan expert members then studied the groundwater problem and suggested remedies.


The Wakad town is facing the same problem as that of Wagholi and needed citizen initiative as an additional effort to combat water scarcity there. The Pimpri Chinchwad Housing Societies Federation was very active in the spread of awareness and they must have taken the torch to places.


The fringe areas of Pune city are having a common ailment of water scarcity against a growing inhabitation. The concept of recharging of aquifers was offered in Hinjewadi and residents, who had recently moved in were quite receptive about it. Doing something on their own is a good alternative to just sitting home and blaming authorities and destiny.


The people in the elite bungalow society at Bavdhan, Pune had shown great interest in knowing the issue, problems and solutions of groundwater management. The long question and answer session at the end was indicative of the deep interest in the subject.

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